1. Finance Committee
The Finance Committee has an important role in examining the many aspects of financial management that face the microfinance sector in Kosovo. Likewise, the Finance Committee aims to identify the requirements for professional development, such as the proposal of various important trainings with an impact on increasing skills around financial management in general. Members of the Finance Committee are the representatives of Microfinance Institutions, which
are members of AMIK and are registered with the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo.

2. Legal and Compliance Committee
The main goal of the Legal Committee within AMIK is to protect the interests of the Microfinance Sector in Kosovo as well as to advance the legal infrastructure in accordance with the ongoing developments in the Microfinance Sector. Also, the Legal and Compliance Committee helps oversee activities in the areas of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Human Resources Committee
One of the main goals of the Human Resources Committee within AMIK is to monitor value-based systems and policies to ensure that the Microfinance sector is following laws and best practices regarding their employees and creating an attractive environment for current and future employees.

4. Marketing Committee
The key role of the Marketing Committee within AMIK is to manage the overall marketing strategy of the Microfinance sector and ensure that the overall marketing program is in line with the strategic direction and their needs.

5. Risk Committee
The Risk Committee has the main role of determining the most important operational risks of the microfinance sector, including the identification of each risk.

6. IT Committee
The purpose of an IT Committee is to assess the technological needs of the Microfinance sector as well as their use. This Committee, within AMIK, is always in the process of tracking technology progress and prioritizing initiatives, in addition to identifying training needs, budgeting and general IT forecasting.