Asociacioni i Institucioneve Mikrofinanciare të Kosovës

Financial Education

Edukimi financiar definohet si vetëdijesimi/informimi i klienteve përmes instruksioneve dhe këshillave objektive lidhur me produketet financiar, konceptet dhe risqet financiare që lidhen me këto produkte në menyrë që klientet të bejnë zgjedhje të mirëinformuar dhe vendime të duhura për menaxhimin e parave të tyre.

Customer Protection and Financial Education

Financial education is defined as awareness / information of clients through objective instructions and advice on financial products, concepts and financial risks associated with these products so that clients make informed choices and appropriate decisions to manage their finances.  

The financial education of clients of Microfinance Institutions has always been of particular importance to AMIK. Over the years of its function, along its mission, AMIK has been a supporter of  many financial education campaigns and also the organizer of several trainings in the field of financial education. Such was also the training in cooperation with IFC that was held in 2016, which was very effective in training the MFIs staff, who then shared this knowledge with all current and potential clients.

The materials are accessible to everyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge of financial products and concepts and an effective management of their budget. Check the links below:

1. AMIK-WBG_Smart Borrowing

2. Key features of products

3_AMIK-WBG_Diary for Kosovo in English

4. AMIK-WBG_Shopping list for Kosovo in English

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