Asociacioni i Institucioneve Mikrofinanciare të Kosovës

MFC-EMN Annual Conference 2020

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This year the two networks, with support from Software Group, are joining forces to bring you a tailored and top-notch conference, under the tagline: Working together in a time of digital disruption

This year’s conference programme will include all you need to know to become leaders in a digital era, from digital solutions to client empowerment, and from advocacy tools at EU level to the European Code of Good Conduct.

This conference will also serve as an opportunity to celebrate the integration of MFC and EMN: an exciting partnership and an important step forward for the future of the social finance sector!

Registration for the MFC Annual Conference 2019 is open

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The MFC Annual Conference 2019  will be held from 29–31 May 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

This year, conference theme will be Demystifying Digital in Microfinance”, the event will tackle the practical side of digitalization in the financial inclusion sector through case studies, trend analysis and discussion of emerging best practice. The conference will also feature a number of important concurrent events as Fintech pitch and Marketplace, Social investor fair, Microfinance Associations’ Summit or Sultan gala dinner.

Early Birds benefit from 25% discount on the conference fee. Don’t miss your chance to grab your discount tickets! Register for the conference: mfc2019.org

Konkursi për Ese - AMIK 2019

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Shoqata e Institucioneve Mikrofinanciare të Kosovës (AMIK) e ka hapur konkursin për Ese 2019, për Studentët e Kosovës që vijojnë studimet në programet Bachelor dhe Master, në të gjitha drejtimet. Esetë e përzgjedhura do marrin çmime dhe certifikata që jepen për ese të merituara.