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Posted: Feb 8, 2018
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The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo (AMIK) is a member-based non-governmental organization. Its mission is to advance the microfinance sector to support financial and social inclusion and economic development by providing a strong joint platform and excellent services.

AMIK's mission is to assist in sustainable economic development and job creation through the support of the microfinance sector in Kosovo. AMIK supports the development of members and partners programs to support entrepreneurship development in Kosovo, customer empowerment, and institutionalization and good practice in microfinance and non-banking intermediation.

The main focus areas of AMIK are: Advocacy and Policies, Best Microfinance Practices and Coordination of Activities with the aim of developing the Microfinance Sector.

AMIK is a member of the European Microfinance Network (EMN). Under the EMN umbrella we work together to improve the legal framework in line with best practices in Europe and we participate in different trainings, consultations, conferences, joint projects and other useful initiatives. The sharing and implementation of good European practices contributes to transparency and fairness to members and users of credit resources, combating poverty, unemployment and creating employment conditions for young people.


In an effort to enable MFIs to better support the needs of Kosovo’s small and micro businesses sector, and in order to facilitate growth in the industry, in 2002 several MFIs in Kosovo go together to form AMIK (Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo).

The founding members of AMIK are Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës (KRK), Besëlidhja/Zavet Microfinance, Agency for Finance in Kosovo (AFK), FINCA-Kosovo and Kosovo Enterprise Program (KEP).

Recognizing the opportunity and value of learning together, member institutions articulated the need for a microfinance association that would coordinate different joint activities, advocate for their needs, and establish a code of best practices. The MFIs in Kosovo have cooperated extensively over the past few years in laying the groundwork for the microfinance sector and for an Association that will lobby for the interests of MFIs as a collective entity.

AMIK works closely with its membership base to define and develop ongoing strategies for the future.


Currently, there are eight MFI members of AMIK:

  • AFK (Agency for Finance in Kosovo)
  • FINCA-Kosovo
  • KEP Trust
  • KGMAMF (Kosovo Grameen Missione Arcobaleno Micro Credit Fund)
  • KosInvest
  • KRK (Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës)
  • QELIM Kosova
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Misioni i saj është që të avancoj sektorin mikrofinanciar për të përkrahur përfshirjen financiare dhe sociale dhe zhvillimin ekonomik duke ofruar një platformë të fortë të përbashkët dhe shërbime të shkëlqyera.


Të jetë asociacion udhëheqës në rajon për promovimin e mikrofinancave.